Divided Nonstick Egg Pans

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  • MULTI-SECTIONAL DESIGN: This egg frying pan uses a three-hole design, which is perfect for cooking omelets, bacon, burgers, pancakes, steak etc. It can make cooking faster and easier, and save your time and energy for breakfast.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: The fried egg pan is made of nonstick granite material, the handle is made of bakelite, which has good property of heat insulation and protects you from being burnt.
  • SCOPE OF APPLICATION: The nonstick egg frying pan is suitable for all types of hobs, it’s compatible with both gas stoves and induction cookers.
  • FEATURE: Four efficient protective layer: wear-resistant non-stick layer, alloy gathering layer, cast aluminum substrate layer, black gold oxide. The shaped bottom of the pot ensures the food is heated evenly and quickly
  • NONSTICK & EASY CLEANING: The fried egg pan has nonstick marble stone coating which is harmless and non-stick, very easy to clean with water after cooking. Just use a soft sponge or cloth to remove oil stains easily.
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