Frying Pan

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Pressed Aluminum


10-Inch, 11-Inch, 12-Inch, 8-Inch, 9.5-Inch

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  • Suitable For All Stoves – Heats up quickly and evenly with extended bottom design. High magnetic conductive stainless steel base allows our nonstick cookware to work on all cooktops, including induction.
  • Non-stick Coating – PFOS,PFOA free, our cookware ensures your daily cooking is always safer and healthier.
  • Less Oil Needed & Less Smoke Released – Our non-stick frying pan can be used for any cooking needs like egg pan,omelette pan, or grill pan with less oil. Reduce unnecessary fat intake, and stay away from a smoky kitchen.
  • Light Weight  – It’s light weight more convenient and labor-saving.
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